Phase 6_Norman Foster


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Inside Is the summary of the purpose of the project in which we had seen the ability to play of the interior of the building, creating new spaces of relationship, connections between different levels, all wrapped in different envelopes.
Throughout the year we have worked with two buildings by Norman Foster, the Hearst Tower and the City Hall in London, a priori quite different. Each building to evolve over the course of a different way, but with the same concept in common, the indoors
With the Hearst tower left an office building where the structure was the main element, ending with a residential building in which the structure forms a double interior space.
In the City Hall of London start from a space where the climate study defines the shape of the building, and where public space and viewed communications are the most remarkable things. in the same way we have used these concepts to define the building in the late phase, returning to the origin.

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