Shigeru Ban – Phase 6

Nicolas G. Hayek Center, Ginza + Pompidou Center, Metz


Nicolas G. Hayek Center, Ginza


Pompidou Center, Metz


Here we can see the final result of the semester in phase 5, where we have hybridize our projects with another two Rem Koolhaas´s projects: Bordeaux House and Seattle Library.

On the one hand, for the small model, we mixed Nicolas G. Hayek Center with Bordeaux House. We brought the main dominant strategy of the second one and we included it on our model. Its main strategy was: different materials for the different volumes/spaces  and the platform for the vertical communication.

On the other hand, we blended the Pompidou Center with the Seattle Library. In this case, the main dominant strategy which we took was: vertical communication, the cover, the space between the volumes and the cover.

The reference we have taken for drawings is this image of Cedric Price



During these days we have tried to improve our NGHC´s drawings in order to make them easier to understand.

We also have chosen another reference for the drawings. This one arranges better to our principal aim in the project. We want to show the scene, the activity, the atmosphere… of the space. How people feels inside the project. This feeling is different between the musicians and the spectators so, that is why we have colored people in two different ways, to differentiate them.


alzado  seccion


The references have been taken from Pinterest:

referencia1 referencia2

1)Ross Stuart Couper, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, United Kingdom title: The Sultanahmet Jewellers Academy

2)From the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture

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