Phase 6 – Jan Kaplicky (Review)


Evaluation of this project has began with a pyramid shape inserted into a box. In the phase III building has a sun hatch and basement with glass space above to let the light in. In the IV phase inside space changes into a sphere, where a pool is situated. Also here remains a basement and a big oval window on the last floor for a view on the city.

In TERMS OF COMPLEXITY in this phase we have different supplemental rooms as changing rooms, shower, first aid room concerning to the purpose of the building which is thermal bath.
In the 5th phase we see an open space at some floors as in PEZO’s building and a continuous envelope which is now turned inside out and is situated inside playing the role of a patio. Also there is no confusion between the “eye” and light which should come through the roof of patio as there you can see both solutions which are interchanging the light.

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